Celebrate In Style At Your Next Event!

Stickers and Shirts Are Affordable, Raise Awareness, And Last for Years!
Tell us what you’re celebrating and we’ll whip up some designs for you to choose from

Vehicle Decals

Promote your business & contact information or add personality to your vehicle..

Group Shirts

We have packages for Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, Company Picnics, Bar Crawls, Sports Teams, and more!


We can print on sweat pants, tank tops, sweat shirts, hoodies and more! Just not hats yet 🙁


Create Your Next Favorite Shirt!

We all have them, for one reason or another and we wear them proudly. They’re comfortable, they’re awesome, and they’re the best.

Now you get a chance to make the next one! or five, or 20! We handle orders of all sizes for a number of occasions. From company picnics, family reunions, or local groups to softball teams, bands, or your own custom designs we can hook it up and make it happen.


Enjoy the Process!

People enjoy expressing themselves in unique ways all around the world. We’re here to help you do just that! We see them on car windows, laptops, cellphones, and humans everywhere! people showing off things that they love and that matter to them.

No matter what your goal is, MiVinyl will help create the perfect solution that fits your needs in a fast and efficient manner. We strive for quick turn around times, amazing customer service, and stand behind our products 100%.